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The Sonic S7 has finally arrived.


This  powerhouse of a manual espresso press boasts an impressive aluminum alloy unibody, ensuring durability and longevity. Its mechanical pressure gauge ensures real-time visibility for the perfect pull every time.


The walnut handles provide a comfortable and stylish grip, while the stainless steel plunger ensures a smooth and consistent extraction.


The base of the unit features a silicone wrapping to ensure stable placement, and a removeable drip tray for ease of clean-up.


Additionally, the S7 is portable and comes with a carrying case


Get ready to enjoy barista-quality espresso in the comfort of your own home with the Sonic S7 Manual Espresso Press.

Sonic S7 Manual Espresso Press

SKU: CM801
  • Product Dimensions

    • 42 cm T
    • 26 cm L
    • 23 cm W

    Product Specifications

    • Portafilter:
      • 58mm
      • SUS304 Steel Construction
      • Walnut Handle
    • Body: 
      • Black Alumunim Alloy Frame
      • SUS304 Steel plunger and gear workings
      • Silicone Anti-Slip Base
    • Pressure Gauge
      • Mechanical Pressure Gauge
      • Real-Time monitoring of pressure output for honing in your ideal extraction

    Set Includes

    • Sonic S7 Espresso Press
    • Bottomless Steel and Walnut Portafilter
    • Flash Constant Pressure Tamper
    • 20g DEX Portafilter Basket
    • CD Series Distribution Tool
    • 100 mL Measuring Cup
    • Elbow Cleaning Brush
    • Grey Cleaning Towel
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