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The Team

Who We Are

Matt Thomas

Owner, Operator

Co-founder, owner, operator
   Matt grew up with his brother not too far off in Zephyrhills. A coffee lover from birth (so he’s been told), he began wandering his way up the east coast of the USA, before eventually finding himself abroad.
In his travels, he found some incredible coffee spots and decided this was going to be the next phase: A coffee shop he could pour his own passions into.
Likes: Guitar, photography, board games, coffee, puns
       Dislikes: Stuffing, stubbing his toes, being without coffee

Favorite Drink: Dirty

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Luke Thomas

Owner, CFO

Luke, a self-made business man, was born and raised in Zephyrhills. He graduated valedictorian of his high school followed with a full academic scholarship at Wharton-UPenn's business school. Today, Luke is a partner at Third Lake Partners where he runs a multi-billion AUM book of real estate assets. 

Through the course of many all-nighters at the office, Luke discovered his own passion for coffee and developed quite an attachment to it. He enjoys developing real estate, traveling the world, and, of course, indulging in coffee.

Favorite drink: Cold Brew

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