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Introducing the MHW-3BOMBER Milk Jug, designed for the ultimate home-barista coffee experience.


This handle-less jug has a patented "crocodile" spot for high detail and a highly ergonomic design for ease of pouring. The removable cowhide sleeve ensures your hand is protected while providing a stylish touch.


Made with a matte black waterproof stoving veneer, this milk jug is durable and long-lasting. In a 500 mL capacity, this is an ideal size for most drinks.


Elevate your coffee game with the MHW-3BOMBER Milk Jug.

MHW-3BOMBER - Handle-less Milk Jug - Matte Black

SKU: 6972653797559
  • Capacity

    • 500 mL


    • 180g


    • 304 Stainless Steel
    • Cowhide Leather
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